Fall/Winter Pool Preparation

It’s that time of year where the windy and cold days are upon us. Even though your pool may be the last thing on your mind over the holiday season, fall/winter pool maintenance is very important. Leaves blown into your pool water can clog your skimmer, introduce algae into your pool water and create an unattractive nuisance for swimmers. Regular pool service is recommended to ensure your water remains clean and clear. On windy and stormy days, you can expect to see leaves and shrubs in your pool, even after your pool service. It is recommended that you empty out your pool baskets between your pool service visits to keep your pool functioning properly.

If your pool is on a salt system, the system usually shuts down once the water reaches below 60 degrees. For this reason, your pool service may add chemicals in the colder months, especially when the pool gets bombarded with falling leaves.

Pool service appointments can take a little longer this time of year because of the debris and leaves that the season brings, so please be patient with your pool cleaner and if you do see any problems in your pool due to the change of seasons, I recommend calling your pool service company right away.

Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

In the spirit of the season, I’d like to take a moment be thankful that we live in an area of the world where, for the most part, peace and prosperity reign. Let’s be thankful for the small things like access to clean, running water. I invite you to visit www.p41.org to learn how used, dead pool pumps are being used to change the lives of people who do not have access to running water. On behalf of all of us at Atlantis Pools, we wish you a beautiful holiday season.


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