UV Sanitation Eliminates Pathogens in Your Pool

Outbreaks of bacteria and water-borne illnesses from swimming pools seem to be on the increase. Also, certain pathogens are becoming resistant to chlorine and ozone resulting in various diseases including respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal problems.

Many pool owners are looking for ways to treat pathogens without turning to more chemicals. A UV water treatment may be the perfect solution. It’s easy to use, requires fewer chemicals and is better for the environment and overall health. For these reasons, UV systems have been increasingly popular in home pools.

UV water treatment uses the power of germicidal light to disinfect water. UV light technology eradicates a wide variety of microorganisms in the water, ensuring that all germs, viruses and bacteria can no longer reproduce. Unlike other sanitation treatments, UV does not affect the taste, color or pH of the water being disinfected. With a UV Sterilizer installed in your pool, you’ll be able to reduce your chlorine usage while still “zapping” all kinds of unwelcome guest like cryptosporidium, giardia, Protozoa, ecoli and other harmful waterborne pathogens.

For many, the benefits of UV water treatments including using fewer chemicals and providing a safer swimming environment, all while providing better air and water quality, makes a UV light the perfect sanitation solution. However UV does require that the filtration system run long enough to completely turn the pool water over in one day to be effective.

If you would like to learn more about installing a UV system in your pool, contact us at Atlantis Pools for a free consultation: info@www.gridmech.com or visit us online at www.atlantispoolsdanville.com.


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