Winter Is the Time to Prepare Your Pool for the Summer Months

Winter can be the best time of year to prepare your pool for use over the summer. Contrary to popular belief, springtime isn’t the best time when it comes to remodeling, building your pool or addressing any issues your pool may have.  Pool owners may have the best pool construction or remodel experience this time of year. By the time spring arrives, there is usually a long line of pool owners wanting to make enhancements or repairs to their pools, so why not get the process going now to ensure it can be completed in a smooth and timely manner and you get the best customer service possible?
The leaves are falling off the trees, our pools are chilly and swimming may be the last thing on your mind, but now is the time to start thinking about your summer pool desires. As one can imagine, the pool construction and maintenance industry isn’t nearly as busy during the colder months than during the spring and summer.  By arranging to have your pool built or remodeled in the winter, you’re allowing yourself access to the best pool builders and craftsmen who will be able to have it completed faster than during the spring due to their availability.

For optimal pool performance by the time the warm weather arrives, allow plenty of time for your pool service to prepare for any events you have planned. I recommend at least a weeks notice before a party to thoroughly go over your pool system, check lights, drains and safety issues. At Atlantis, this service is always complementary for our customers.


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