Avoid Fraud and Theft from Unlicensed Contractors

Why hire a licensed contractor for remodel and repairs? Because the liability you expose yourself to if you don’t could put you at a big risk. We are all looking for a good bargain, but when it comes to your pool’s repairs and remodels, never skimp. The results could be catastrophic. I recently had to step in and save a job that an unlicensed contractor had walked away from. The contractor collected a $35,000 deposit and started minor work. Then he disappeared making no further contact with the homeowners. Atlantis Pools was able to help them complete the job. This disastrous situation could have been avoided by hiring a licensed contractor from the start.


When hiring a contractor for a large project, make sure to do some investigating. Ask for their workers compensation or general liability insurance company, and then call that company to make sure the insurance is up to date. If the contractor doesn’t have valid insurance, the homeowner is responsible if something were to happen. Also, keep in mind that documents are easy to forge and some very shady contractors will produce fake documents. That’s why calling to verify the information is important.

A licensed person has the required education, experience, insurance and qualifications to obtain a license. They must pass a competency examination before practicing. Licensed individuals are screened for prior criminal history and their license can be revoke if they are not living up to professional standards.

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