Just Because It’s New, Doesn’t Mean It’s Better

When it comes to your pool, the “newest” doesn’t always translate to the “best”. New pool products and technology comes on the market every week, but after several decades in this business, I can honestly say many times it’s best to hold onto what works.

For example, salt water systems have become a viable option for those seeing alternatives to a traditional chlorine pool, but salt systems are incompatible with
many electric pool covers causing them to deteriorate. Salt systems can lead to corrosion on the cover and its components and significantly shorten your cover’s life span. This is just one example of how the latest and greatest may not be the best for your pool. It’s important to consider the return on your investment and consult with an experienced pool professional

At Atlantis Pools, our motto is “keep it simple”. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. I have come across unscrupulous sales people in this industry who will disable equipment and try to sell a customer something based on a fraudulent diagnosis. Atlantis Pools customers will never be treated in that way. We believe in full transparency. When something is broken, we will show you exactly what it is and why it needs to be replaced or fixed. We provide free estimates and strive to give you options.

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