Preventing Pool Chemical Related Injuries

According the Centers for Disease Control, Pool chemicals are responsible for nearly 5,000 emergency room visits annually. That statistic does not come as a surprise to me, as I’ve seen first hand how hazardous these chemicals are when not handled and stored properly. Pool chemicals can be dangerous, explosive and fatal if they mix with other chemicals or contaminants. Here are a few simple guidelines to ensure your loved ones never fall victim to a pool chemical related injury:

Don’t store old pool chemicals.

If you have any old pool chemicals stored around your home, ask your pool service provider to dispose of them immediately. Some chemicals are corrosive and if combined, chemicals can become extremely toxic. Chemical fires are not only a huge hazard, but they will also emit toxic gasses. Let the professionals handle the storage and transport of pool chemicals and resist storing them near your home.

Never underestimate how dangerous pool chemicals are.

Pool chemicals are just as dangerous as electrified pool water or a drowning hazard and must be taken as seriously. Which Pool Chemicals are incompatible with other? All of them! Oxidizers, sanitizers, acids, algaecides, clarifiers, and other pool chemicals can never mix. Even just a drop of algaecide, clarifier, or other liquids mixed with chlorine can erupt into a raging, toxic fire. Moisture, dirt, dust, leaves and any liquid can cause a volatile reaction when mixed with pool chlorine.

Proper Storage

If you do decide to store chemicals near your home, a proper storage place is needed. Chose a dedicated location, out of the reach of children, that is dry, protected and preferably climate controlled. A dedicated bin on the floor with a sturdy lid is a good storage option. Use two plastic, sealed containers for each chemical.

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