What Should You Expect From Your Pool Service Company

It’s seems like an easy question with an even easier response, but these days there are so many variables when it comes to servicing customers that the answer can be tricky. Customers should not only expect a clean, properly balanced, safe pool to enjoy, but they should also expect instant and consistent information.
Pool service customers should know exactly what was done to their pool, be notified of any problems or issues immediately and get real answers to any pool concerns. You should also expect to always be able keep track of your service account, make payments and see your account history.
As a business owner, I believe the difference between decent and outstanding service is communication. When it comes to your pool service provider, the smart consumer will look for a company utilizing tracking and quality control software that creates the best flow of communication between the customer and the service person.
At Atlantis Pools, we use a sophisticated quality control and tracking system so the customer is always aware of:
• The quality of work performed by our employees
• The accuracy in chemical additions and calculations
• Real-time digital GPS service notifications
• Where your service professional is
• If the job is complete
We are a family owned business that has proudly been serving the Contra Costa County area for over 20 years. From pool repair and maintenance needs to small and large remodels or updates to your pool, no project is too big or too small!

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